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What makes price different for outdoor fitness equipment

                                What makes price different for outdoor fitness equipment?
You may find many factories sell fitness in China,and prices are all different.What is the different between Colorful Play fitness and others?
All our fitness has past TUV test,got GS certificate.Safety is important,or player may be hurt by the gyms when playing.
2.the size and quality of bearings
Bearings are important parts in fitness,most of the gym equipments start to get broke from bearings.As you see,bearings of our fitness are bigger and thicker than other supplier.
3.the welding parts
Welding parts should be made very well on fitness,gym equipment get rust easily starting from bad welding parts.
4.size and thickness of pedal,and sitting back
This is also the difference between good and normal quality fitness.Colorful Play pedals and sitting backs are bigger size and thicker always.Our sitting backs on open air gyms are rotational molded made,plastic is thick and strong.
Package is also important especially for export,bad package break easily in long-time journey.The black cotton we use for gym equipment is very thick and firm,you don’t need to worry about any parts broken during transportation.